Rēzija Kalniņa
Lembits Ulfsaks
Tinu Karks
Tīts Suks
Maija Apine
Atis Tenbergs


Directed by
Peeter Simm

Written by
Tomas Raudam and Peeter Simm

Director of photography
Uldis Jancis

Produced by
Artur Talvik and Gatis Upmalis


Berlin International Film Festival - The Manfred Zalcgeber Prize in Panorama section


Love and theft go hand in hand when the pretty thief Margarita trades Latvian capital for a small Estonian town Vineeri. The light fingered thief hopes to lay low in a town where hardly anybody pays attention to crime news. Her prospects are endangered by the wild welcome she receives from two codgers and a boy, who is more suspicious than he should be at his age. The matter grows even more complicated, when the local policeman exhibits growing passion for the pretty thief.


Berlin International Film Festival, Germany

The Manfred Salzgeber Prize in Panorama section

National Film Awards Lielais Kristaps, Latvia

Best Feature Film Director

Best Scriptwriter

Best Actress

CIS and the Baltic States Film Festival Kinoshok, Russia

Grand Prix

Critics’ Large prize

European Film Festival Lecce, Italy

Best Film (Gold Olive Tree)

Best Screenplay

International Independent Small Budget Film Festival Deboshir Film, St. Petersburg, Russia

Main Prize

Best Sound Recording