In a professionally effective manner Studio F.O.R.M.A. delivers service for foreign film productions in the Baltic States. That includes location scouting, securing local crew, casting, organizing set building and day-to-day run of shooting.

With more than 800 years of history – German, Swedish, Russian, Polish and recently Soviet reign – Latvia is a country with plenty of locations. We have a choice of castles and manor houses placed in unspoiled countryside ranging from medieval German to 17th century baroque. Unspoiled sand beaches with fine pinewoods or heavy Northern forests that could be doubled for Siberia, from half-derelict Soviet military basis – naval or underground bunkers to some of the finest Art Nouveau streets in Europe.

You may also place your sound stage shooting in Riga. There’s plenty of studio space for set building, administrative offices, costume facilities and make-up rooms. The local crew members are skilled and with sufficient knowledge of English and Russian.

You’re welcome to contact us with your specific request!