Zane Leimane

Zane Leimane was discovered at the age of 4. Her big screen debut was the role of the little sister of girls' couple  who first try to get rid of their baby-sitting aunt, but then get her married instead in the family feature WATERBOBM FOR THE FAT TOMCAT (Latvia-Estonia, 2004) produced by Studio F.O.R.M.A. Her other acting experience include two stage plays at the National Theatre (Riga).

LITTLE ROBBERS is Zane's second feature film. She plays Louise, the older of two siblings who decide to rob a bank thus thinking to get back the apartment the bank took away. She was 8, when the film was shot.

Presently Zane attends academically specialized music school in Riga. Her specialty is violin. Zane is very active in sports. She likes roller-skating, skiing, running and climbing the mountaineering exercise wall.